Saturday, June 6, 2009

Senseless Aggression

At War: Pregnant teen.
Unfriendly Fire: Oppressive parent.
The Battleground: The Mind.
Weapons: Words and Actions of Destruction.
Independence versus Tyranny.

The Oppressor fires:
You're a slut, a whore –
You can’t live here anymore!

The Oppressor fires:
Retarded your child will be –
Your values are a disgrace to me!

The Oppressor fires:
You wanted to play –
Now you're going to have to pay!

The Oppressor's attacks are relentless.
Day in and Day out –
Each shot packed with mean-spirited powder.
Hoping Independence will come under submission.

No retreat! No surrender!
The pregnant teen surrounded by unfriendly fire.
Her Siblings: Double agents they spitefully play.
At times Independence grows weary … Her mind shouts in pain:
Will this never end? Or will I go insane?
Freedom Doggedly Refuses a Death Sentence.

The baby is born healthy and strong.
A peace agreement does not yet exist.
The oppressor is camouflaged with lip service love.
Independence cannot and is not deceived.
Her baby's love will not be bought.
With his Independent mother is where his allegiance is to be.

The child will grow to know what Independence and Freedom know so well
-- All Wars Are Hell –-

cvd '09