Saturday, June 13, 2009

That Which Never Ends

Eternal, Everlasting
Ceaseless, Never-ending

Eternal are the seasons that speak to us
Out of the depths of their existence:
Reinvigoration, passion, transformation, silence;
Their return is forever inescapable.

Everlasting is the mountain that possesses the livelihood
Of freedom.
Being as emancipated as the wind …
To live each day with no care for tomorrow.

Ceaseless are the stars that bring life to the
Cosmos beyond.
Giving light in exchange for darkness.
Experiencing liberty at each moment in time.

Never-ending is the search for tranquility of mind.
Listen to the rain. Absorb the sun's Enlightenment.
Observe the tree. Grasp the solitude of snow.
Discover peace within the discovered.

Never-ending, Ceaseless
Everlasting, Eternal

Crickets ... Butterflies
Sounding imprisoned ... Flying free
Having free will

cvd '09