Friday, July 10, 2009

An Answer From Within

To ponder your question
A question as deep as one's soul.
At first not knowing how to respond,
Now then I do:

From the Cumulus Cloud I have learned
The Intent of Dreams.
To look above and beyond what is
And to look to what could be.

From the Butterfly I have learned
To live a lifetime with no boundaries:
Having no fear in the taking of risks.

From the Mountain I have learned
To stumble but to not lie down.
Knowing there is great reward in
Dragging one’s self back up.

From the Tree I have learned
To stand tall during the stormy times
Knowing the barrenness
Shall not last forever.

From Exploring the Moon I have learned
To expend astronomical numbers
At the sacrifice of
Society’s most vulnerable.

From the Fauna I have learned
To shield one's self from the
Deceitfulness encompassing

From the Flora I have learned
To discover beauty in one of its
Rarest forms.
To be consumed with a passion in life
And use it to bless the world.

From the Rainbow I have learned
The washing of all blood as one:
Enlightenment of what was meant
To be.

From the River I have learned
Every beginning has its ending:
A time to be born. A time to pass on.

And from Love I have learned
For without love, one cannot
Understand life.

To write this poem...
The last thing I would accomplish –
Being the final thing I would do.
To have a part of me live on...
This is my answer to you.

cvd '09