Sunday, February 21, 2010

Specter Joins Call For Public Option Through Reconciliation

By TalkLeft's Big Tent Democrat TL

Senator Specter's folks sent out an e-mail last night that said:

Senator Specter announced today that he will sign Sen. Bennet's letter supporting a public option through the use of reconciliation.
I do not know what that brings the number to, but there must be at least 30 sure votes for this in the Senate. Are there 50 votes? I have no idea. But I think it will get interesting if the number on the record exceeds the 41 GOP votes in the Senate. I'll be curious how the "bipartisanship" argument works when you have an objective that over 70% of Democrats in Congress want ignored in favor of the desire of 41 GOP Senators. Another flash point is what the White House will put in its proposal next week. They'll definitely take some heat when the public option is not included and the excise tax is.

Speaking for me only