Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nader Wants Conyers, Kucinich to Move on Single Payer: #SinglePayer #HR676 #Solidarity

Single Payer News

Ralph Nader wants movement on single payer national health insurance.

And now.

Nader said that weeks ago, Congressmen John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) personally assured him that they would bring together the more than 80 professed House supporters of single payer and jump start the movement for HR 676 — the single payer bill in the House.

But so far, nothing.



So, last week, a clearly irritated Nader wrote a letter to Conyers and Kucinich.

“In individual telephone conversations with each of you, I was given to understand that you responded clearly and affirmatively to my request that you relaunch the single payer movement in Congress at a news conference that you would sponsor with other House supporters of HR 676 and leading citizen group advocates of full Medicare for all with free choice of doctor and hospital—a much more efficient and humane system,” Nader wrote.

“These assurances were made several weeks ago, shortly after the vote to fix a broken system with a broken piece of legislation was sent to the White House.”

“You may recall I took note of the utter dismay of many people and groups who supported HR 676 only to be abandoned by all 80+ supporters. If you want to rescue withdrawal and political cynicism, you need to restart what you believe in.”

“Are you going to announce this news conference, since both of you assured me that you would be in touch with one another about so doing?” Nader asked.