Sunday, October 10, 2010

The #GreenParty is offering voters a real choice on Election Day #GOTV

Green Party responds to Friedman’s call for third party in NYT

Green Party US Media Coordinator Scott McClarty had a letter to the editor published in the New York Times in response to columnist Thomas Friedman’s recent article calling for a third party in 2012:

In his call for a third party, Thomas L. Friedman writes about a “radical center” between Democrats and Republicans.

But instead of a gap I see an overlap, occupied by politicians who, in the name of moderateness and bipartisanship, are willing to keep our health care under the control of insurance companies, send taxpayer-funded bailouts to Wall Street, compromise with polluters on measures to curb global warming and cede constitutional war powers to the White House.

An alternative to the two parties already exists: the Green Party.

We agree with Mr. Friedman that Americans deserve the right to vote for whichever candidates best represent their interests, without a two-party limit. The Green Party is already offering voters a real choice on Election Day.

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