Monday, March 12, 2012

Demand #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll: #GreenParty #Greens video demo

Scott McLarty, media coordinator for the Green Party of the United States (, speaks about health care and the demand for Medicare For All (single-payer national health care).

This is a 'demo' I created this weekend as a model to encourage Green Party candidates & activists to use video to promote Green campaigns as well as Green ideas & positions on big issues. The script, which I posted on several Green lists before making the video, is based on a press release we issued last week (

The production is bare-bones. I tossed a blue quilt over some of the clutter in my apartment. The lighting looks good because I placed several light sources at different angles, some of them at eye-level. I used my Logitech web cam and Moviemaker to shoot & edit it.

Since it's a demo, I hope the video will lead to more Green videos with better production values, on health care and other topics. The more creative, the more visually stimulating, the better.

Creating the video is only the first step. The second step is promoting it widely online, through social media & e-mail, to get as many viewers as possible. (If you like my demo, forwarded the link and post it on Facebook etc.!)

We'd like to see videos featuring Greens, especially Green candidates, go viral in the coming months. Some of the videos featuring Jill Stein have already drawn a wide audience. If anyone needs help producing a video, contact the Media Committee through me ( or Starlene Rankin ( We have Greens with technical experience & knowledge and they're willing to help.

Scott McLarty