Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sign Me, The Tree

Alone she stands,
No other tree but her.
In the wind her whispers drift.
Her voice as gentle and loving as a warm
Southern breeze.
I put my ear to the wind and this is what I heard:

“For years I’ve been crying out. No one is listening.
I have this letter my heart desires to share:

"Time is both brief and drawn-out.
I’ve come to savor and despise them both.
When I was given life, I became someone’s child.
To be nurtured and feeling the presence of love.
As I grew, the children would come and play.
They treated me as if I was their mother.
Then one day their pleasure could be felt no more.
Our years together were as seemingly as radiant and
Short lived as the moon in its fullest form.
To now have reached considerable age and bearing
The affliction of these numerous rings,
They say I’ve become nothing but a problem.
To hear them talk of wanting to terminate my life.
I no longer serve their purpose; therefore,
My life to them has become obsolete.
Living a lengthy life has given me an opportunity
To see both sides of Man:
The good, the bad.
My life then has become one of extensive observation.
And now I stand here alone.
The same playful tree who has just grown
Older in time.
My tears are plenteous.
Now …please … sign me, the tree.”

cvd '09