Friday, May 29, 2009

Who We Were Meant To Be

Voices being carried by the untamable wind:
"Life sucks -- Life really sucks!
They have so many rules for us,"
The young boy calls out to his friend.
"I have known this all my life,"
The friend shouts back.

Who are they whom the young boys vent their frustration?
They are the persons who are self-anointed and brazenly attempt to
Stifle our democracy.
Attempting to tell us what is appropriate and what is not.
Don't do this and don't do that.
You can't say that and you can't say this.
That or this is appropriate for that or this place,
But not appropriate when you are here or there.

They who endeavor to stifle our freedom, how do they dare?
Doing so in the name of so-called traditional values and norms.
Who are they to tell you or who are they to tell me?
Trying to imprison us within their world of the little box.
Are you willing to let them do this to you? For they shall
Never do this to me -- Never shall they steal our liberty.
Being untamable like the wind – this is who we are meant to be.
And until the end, we must fight to be free.

cvd '09