Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Reflection in the Mirror

Piercing eyes staring back at her.
Eyes belonging to the one whose reflection
Could be seen in the mirror.
Standing there was a beautiful young woman:
So insecure, so filled with fear.

She has made a multitude of promises.
Promises made to others, Promises made to self.
To break the one major promise she said
Would allow her to be called,
"The biggest hypocrite to have ever lived –
The biggest hypocrite of all."

Desperately wanting to change. Reaching out for help.
Hating the person she saw in the mirror.
Living with a tormented mind and now also an
Emotionless heart ... self-destructing.
Self-destructing in front of her very own eyes.

To have become dependent. To have become helpless.
Unsure of surviving on her own ... fearing change.
Allowing the slow death of her destruction to continue
To take its course.
Always hurting herself more than the hurt she caused others.

Reneging on almost as many vows as the promises she made.
Betraying others--Betraying herself.
Believing that new environments will bring about her change.

Understanding, though, as she looks into the mirror:
She can never leave her problems behind –
She can never run away
From the reflection in the mirror.

cvd '09