Sunday, February 21, 2010

Public Option via Reconciliation: Sign the Bennet Letter

By FireDogLake's Knoxville FDL

During this last week before President Obama’s Bipartisan Summit on Health Care, which will be held on Feb 25, too many Senate Democrats are still insisting that the message from the MA special election last month is that Americans want bipartisanship.

The only message that voters are sending is that they want to see Democrats deliver on change, that they want to see Democrats advance real reform any way they can.

In an effort to push and/or shame Senate Democrats to do the right thing, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Democracy for America (DFA) and Credo are asking Americans to sign the letter that Senator Mike Bennet (D-CO) sent to Majority Leader Harry Reid telling him to pass the public health insurance option through "reconciliation," which only needs a simple majority in the Senate.

Click here to become a citizen signer of the Bennet letter for the public option.

So far, 20 Senators have signed the letter and seven more are expressing their willingness to support creating a public option through reconciliation. Apparently, the members of the Senate Democratic Caucus need to be pushed into doing the right thing.

Click to see which Senate Democrats have signed the letter and which Senate Democrats are still unwilling to do the right thing for the American people.

The claim that Americans want bipartisanship rather than real leadership in fixing our broken health care system appears to be the latest excuse of too many Senate Democrats, who want to avoid doing the right thing for the American people by creating a public health insurance option. Our health care system is broken, and Republicans are not going to help us fix it. No more excuses.

By now, you might think that Democrats are either unable or unwilling to lead. You’re probably right to think so if you do. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to speak loudly and often and make your voice heard.

Click here to contact your members of Congress and tell them that you want real health care reform, which must include nothing less than a public health insurance option.