Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glenzilla, Weiner Talk Health Care (Incl The Public Option) on Morning Joe

By FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher FDL

I still don’t think the Senate/White House bill is going anywhere either with or without a public option, for reasons I’ve outlined before — though some seem to be hell-bent on forcing House Democrats to throw themselves on its funeral pyre. But the idea that they’d even try to pass it using reconciliation without a public option, after months of insisting they couldn’t include a public option because gosh darn it there just weren’t 60 votes in the Senate, is insane.

Anthony Weiner, Glenn Greenwald and Joe Scarborough pointed out the obvious this morning– the public option is substantially more popular than the Senate/White House bill. Now that only 50 votes are needed, there is no good argument to be made for even trying to pass a bill without one — it’s simply a way to pay off Rahm Emanuel’s back room deals.

Weiner has also been outspoken on the subject of ending the insurance industry anti-trust exemption. He is one of the FDL Fire Dogs we’ll be helping in 2010, so if you’d like to donate to his campaign through ActBlue,you can do it here.